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The Tylt is looking for a versatile and savvy editorial intern to work with our teams in SF and NY. You will be responsible for helping create hand-crafted, social content for our audiences across all social platforms. Don't have years of professional experience in this type of role? Well, fortunately for you, being a social native, having a finger on the pulse of popular culture and an excellent eye for engaging video content does not require years of experience.

Do you have a broad understanding of issues in culture, politics, sports and entertainment? Do you regularly find trends on social platforms before others? Can you write clear, crisp copy that is error free? Are you a video-editing rockstar?

A Tylt intern should understand how information spreads on different platforms and how content should be tailored. They know how to find information and stay on top of what's trending. Online communities like Reddit are familiar if not a second home. Crowdtangle, Newswhip and other tools can be mastered.

A Tylt intern should be interested in the news and debates that shape our day but can be dispassionate enough to see both sides of an argument.

Most of all: A Tylt intern should be ready to learn along the way. We want you to grow professionally and personally while pushing the boundaries of engagement with our audience.

This is a paid position, under 30 hours per week. Spring interns will be required to work in San Francisco or New York City. The deadline for all Spring 2018 applications is Dec. 31, 2017.

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